Deck-Con’s Deck to House Connection Kit was designed to allow builders to install two 1,500-pound-rated connections between a deck ledger and house framing—without going inside the house. It can be used with dimensional-lumber house joists that run perpendicular to the ledger.

The kit would be particularly useful where interior framing was inaccessible—for example, above a drywalled ceiling, buried in a layer of spray foam insulation, or behind HVAC ducts. To attach the connector, the builder starts by locating the center of an inside floor joist on the outside of the rim joist and attaching a metal plate to the center line with two lag screws. Once a 1/2-inch threaded rod is attached to the plate, the ledger can be attached to the house. The connection is completed with a metal L-plate that’s bolted to a deck joist and attached to the threaded rod.

Deck-Con says that the connectors haven’t been subjected to third-party testing, but that they were designed by a design professional and engineering reports are available.

A kit with two connectors costs about $40 and can be ordered online. The website also has a video installation guide.

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