Adding a screen porch or replacing ineffective screens on an existing porch can help your customers enjoy the milder weather of spring despite the flying critters that accompany it. To that end, Phifer offers several types of insect screens.

For example, TuffScreen is a heavy-duty vinyl-coated polyester screen for high-traffic areas that’s resistant to punctures and tears and is three times stronger than standard insect screening, according to Phifer. For coastal regions, the copper-zinc alloy in the company’s bronze screens will resist corrosion while weathering to a dark finish. And against very small flying pests, Phifer says, the densely woven mesh of No-Seeums screen provides additional protection and some daylight privacy while still allowing good ventilation and visibility. It comes in silver gray and charcoal colors and won’t rust or stain.

Phifer screens come in a variety of widths and lengths and are woven from fiberglass, polyester, aluminum, or bronze. Those made with fiberglass are the least expensive; bronze screens are the most expensive. All are made in the U.S.

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