If you place large numbers of wood posts in direct contact with soil and you're looking for an added measure of protection, you might want to try the Pony-Winder from Planet Saver Industries.

The device, which is mounted on a trailer that can be taken to the job site, wraps posts in a plastic barrier material that prevents in-ground decay and stops chemicals in pressure-treated lumber from leaching into the ground.

To use it, the builder applies a water-based bituminous coating called Swift Bond to the post, winds on the thermoplastic barrier by cranking a reel, and then cures the coating in a propane-fired oven. After the builder smooths down the surface, the post is ready for installation.

An experienced user can finish 15 posts an hour, Planet Saver says.

The Lancaster County, Pa., company already produces similar equipment - called the Super-Winder - that operates on a larger scale. The Pony-Winder is just going into production and retails for $14,900. - S.G.

Planet Saver Industries, 888/289-2210, planetsaverind.com.