Q. Is there an approved solvent for removing adhesive residue after removing Huber’s Zip flashing tape from building materials, such as from the frame and nailing flanges of a clad window? And how about from the hands, after handling that sticky stuff?

A. Mike Dye, a senior product application engineer with Huber Engineered Woods, responds: Unfortunately, there are no known solvents that can help dissolve the residue from the tape, which uses a proprietary acrylic adhesive. We have heard reports that the use of medical-grade adhesive remover along with a fair amount of elbow grease (scrubbing) can be effective. For your hands, silicone-based products are less likely to dry out and irritate the skin compared with alcohol-based removers. We have also heard reports that acetone (along with a lot of scrubbing) can be somewhat effective, but that approach would be best used with building materials rather than on skin.

Our group is still looking for a less labor-intensive method to remove the adhesive residue, but our efforts are complicated by the fact that most of the tape’s adhesive formula is a trade secret that even members of our group are not privy to.

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