Designed to duplicate the color and grain patterns of exotic woods, Royal's new cellular PVC decking is manufactured with a proprietary process that combines a PVC substrate with a photo-realistic print of wood grain and a clear acrylic wear coat.

Zuri is available in five colors: chestnut, walnut, pecan, Brazilian hardwood, and weathered gray. The planks, which are designed for hidden fasteners, are 5/4 nominal by 5 1/2 inches wide in 16- and 20-foot lengths.

It comes with a 25-year prorated warranty against rotting, splitting, flaking, fading, and delamination. Decking needs no staining or sealing and is resistant to scratching, fading, moisture, and stains. It's also slip-resistant.

The decking is manufactured in Virginia and for now is sold only in New England, but Royal says it's working to increase distribution. Zuri retails for between $5 and $6 per lineal foot. - S.G.

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