A Federal stimulus-package tax credit that pays 30% of the installation cost for rootop solar electric panels has boosted the photovoltaic industry nationwide. But in Louisiana, there's also a state tax credit that pays for 50% of the cost — meaning that residents can buy and install solar panels for 80% off the sticker price. The combined incentives are making solar an attractive option for Louisiana homeowners. Homeowners can take the Louisiana credit even if the amount exceeds their actual tax liability. For one resident of New Orleans' Lakeview neighborhood, the subsidy was enough to support a system that reduced his electric bill to nothing, reports WWLTV.com's Eyewitness News team (" Lakeview resident says power bill is down to zero," by Maya Rodriguez). Homeowner John Hunt was able to install a $78,000 panel array for an up-front investment of just $13,000, the TV station reported; Hunt thinks the system will repay his cost within eight years, supplying free power after that. And there's one more perk: under Louisiana state law, the value of the solar panels can't be included in the home's assessed value for property taxes. Hunt had help from a San Francisco-based program called " One Block Off the Grid" (1BOG for short), the station reports. 1BOG works by grouping together homeowners interested in solar panels to negotiate volume prices from panel suppliers and installers; the national organization launched operations in New Orleans on April 20, according to the Lafourche Parish Daily Comet (" Program aids conversion to solar," by Kathrine Schmidt). Depending on how many people participate, 1BOG can obtain discounts as deep as 15% off the list price of panels and installation — making the job even more attractive as a homeowner investment. In New Orleans, 1BOG has selected a company called South Coast Solar as its contractor.