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What Lies Ahead in 2022?

Zonda’s chief economist and NAHB’s assistant vice president of forecasting and... More

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Economic Update: 'Where Do We Go From Here?'

We can expect the economy to continue to grow but at a decelerating pace, and not... More

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How to Identify Shifts and Opportunities in the Housing Market

An economist says that these 9 key indicators help to explain what motivates... More

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COVID-19 Update: 'The Theme is Relief'

While buyer activity slowed in July, the shift is more akin to a fever breaking,... More

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Housing Market Is Main Driver for the U.S. Economy

Zonda chief economist Ali Wolf says housing contributes to the economy in the... More

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COVID-19 Update: The Vaccine, The Election, and The Economy

Zonda’s Ali Wolf and Tim Sullivan weigh in on how the recent presidential election... More

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Looking Ahead to 2015: Deck Industry Poised for Growth

Based on current economic trends, deck builders all across the country should... More

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Will The Shutdown Affect The Housing Market?

The effects of the stalemate in Washington will likely grow worse the longer it lasts. More

Seven Years After Katrina, New Orleans Ninth Ward Still Struggling

When it comes to rebuilding, can New Orleans put the ball in the end zone? More

Among Coastal States, New York and Massachusetts Lead Economic Rebound

Among Coastal States, New York and Massachusetts Lead Economic Rebound More

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