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The Turbulent Trajectory of Decks and Outdoor Living

The decking and landscaping industries hang in a precarious balance of strong... More

Bethesda Builders Sound Off on Tree Canopy Issue

Builders in Bethesda, Maryland didn’t like it when a local news outlet called what they do “mansionization.” More

Piping Wastewater Off Shore: Solution or Problem?

A Delaware city’s plan for an offshore “outfall” has sparked a public controversy. More

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Storm Brewing over New Lead Paint Law

Will other states follow Maryland's lead enacting a sweeping new lead paint law... More

Keeping in Touch

The annual DeckExpo is a great venue for making connections and staying up to date... More

Hot Tub Gallery

Create a spa experience by setting the tub on its own level or by adding benches,... More

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Maryland Counties Get Power To Clean Up Nuisance Properties

A new state law lets counties in Maryland take action on run-down properties, ranging from lawn-mowing to repair or demolition. More

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