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Is Now the Time to Panic?

As the frenzied demand for new homes appears to be fizzling, builders wonder if it... More

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COVID-19 Update: 'The Theme is Relief'

While buyer activity slowed in July, the shift is more akin to a fever breaking,... More

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COVID-19 Update: The Vaccine, The Election, and The Economy

Zonda’s Ali Wolf and Tim Sullivan weigh in on how the recent presidential election... More

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COVID-19 Update: 'The Implications of These Diverging Economies'

While the K-shaped recovery benefits housing, Zonda’s Ali Wolf and Tim Sullivan... More

Another Suggestion for Connecting Posts to Shallow Joists

Through-bolts and blocking might help eliminate metal hardware from a tricky post-to-joist connection, but they don't solve the central problem: that 2x4 joists will crack and split More

1/2-Inch Hammerdrills

Concrete, wood--you name it. These hammerdrills chew through practically anything. More

Narrow-Crown Staplers

I remember exactly when I decided to start using pneumatic staplers on my jobsites. I was freezing my tail off installing 3/8-inch fir plywood underneath a roof overhang while standing on an aluminum plank in the middle of a Chicago winter. The job originally called for two men to install the plywood with 4d galvanized box nails. Sounds simple enough, right? Now add sub-zero wind chill and a nice thick pair of gloves, and you have a recipe for two guys doing a little work really slowly. More

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Financing Spec Homes

A builder tells how he uses banks, home equity, subordination agreements, and private investors to get the money to build on spec. More

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Legal Adviser: Protecting Your Logo

Protecting your logo More

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By Design: Solid-Looking Posts for Raised Decks

Making tall deck posts look less spindly More

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