new pneumatic fastening tool line
DeWalt new pneumatic fastening tool line
16 GA Finish Nailer (DWFP71917)
DeWalt 16 GA Finish Nailer (DWFP71917)
30-degree paper tape framer (DW325PT)
DeWalt 30-degree paper tape framer (DW325PT)
Metal connector nailer (DWMC150)
DeWalt Metal connector nailer (DWMC150)

DeWalt has completely revamped its pneumatic offerings by introducing a new line of premium fastening tools, with models available for framing, siding, finish work, and other applications. This is the first big change to the brand’s pneumatic line since the 2010 merger between Stanley (Bostitch’s parent company) and Black & Decker (DeWalt’s) to form SB&D. The influence of Bostitch is apparent in some of the designs, which is probably a good thing, because the primary focus of Bostitch has always been pneumatic fastening while for DeWalt it has been power tools (even though both brands have been branching into other categories).

Finish Nailers Among the recently released models are three oil-free finish nailers: an 18 GA Brad Nailer (DWFP12233), 16 GA Finish Nailer (DWFP71917), and 15 GA “DA” Style Angle Finish Nailer (DWFP72155). The defining feature of these tools is their “Precision Point” technology, which allows easier placement of nails through the use of a smaller tip. Instead of the traditional external contact safety tip—which must be compressed before firing—Precision Point tools have an internal contact mechanism that prevents the gun from firing if the tip is not already against the material. The safety mechanism is essentially “invisible” to the user; you can’t see it and it and don’t know it’s there unless you try to fire the gun without placing the tip against a surface. Bostitch has been using this technology for more than a year and refers to it as “Smart Point”.

Each of the new finish guns weighs less than four pounds and has a two-step selectable trigger for switching between single fire and bump. Features include a dial for adjusting depth-of-drive, tool-free jam release, rear exhaust, and an adjustable belt hook with integrated pencil sharpener. The 15-gauge gun has an integrated air blower and 16-inch OC marking gauge on the magazine. All finish tools include swivel air fittings and come with a carrying case. Price/COO: 18 GA brad nailer $119/China; 16 GA finish nailer $179/China; 15 GA “DA” finish nailer $189/Taiwan.

Framing and Construction The new line includes guns for 21-degree plastic collated (DW325PL) and 30-degree paper collated (DW325PT) fasteners, as well as a 15-degree coil framer (DW325C). There is a metal connector nailer (DWMC150) that closely resembled Bostitch’s highly regarded MCN150 Strapshot. Both tools are 10 ½ inches tall, weighs 4.6 pounds, and drive 1 ½-inch fasteners—the one obvious improvement to the DeWalt version is the addition of a rafter hook. Price/COO: 21-degree framer $249; 30-degree framer $229/Taiwan; coil framer $249/Taiwan; metal connector nailer $219/Taiwan.

Finish Stapler The 18-gauge stapler (DWFP1838) drives ¼-inch (narrow) crown staples from ½ inch to 1 1/2inches in length. Features include oil-free operation, rear exhaust, a thumbwheel depth control mechanism and a selectable trigger for sequential or contact mode. The tool includes a reversible belt hook, swivel air fitting, and a carry case. Price/COO: $109/China

Exterior Finish Rounding out the line are a coil siding/fencing gun (DW66C-1; $299/Taiwan), a plastic cap stapler (DWSL18CAP; $229/Taiwan), and a wide crown lathing stapler (DW450S2; $349/?). DeWalt offers fasteners for all of the guns in the line and two compressors that were already out, the 2.5 Gallon 200 Max PSI Quiet Trim Compressor (DWFP55130; $229) and the 4.5 Gallon 200 Max PSI Jobsite Compressor (D55146; $349).

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