One of five models in our mixed category test of variable-speed rear-handle and right-angle 5-inch random orbit sanders, this tool is one of the three high-speed, fine-finishing models. Admittedly Bosch’s more basic second-tier tool since the introduction of the similar format ROS65VC-5 sander (also featured in the test). The launch of this legacy tool pre-dates the other two fine-finishing sanders in our test by about 15 years but it’s still going strong with competitive features and performance.

Bosch 3725DEVS Specs
Amp Rating: 3.3
Orbits per Minute (OPM): 4,500 – 12,000
Orbit Size: 3/16 inch
Cord Length: 8’-4”
Weight (w/ dust can): 4.95 pounds
Country of Origin: Switzerland

Online Price: $139

Finish quality was determined by feel and by eye. To show the scratch pattern created by the sander we made a single pass over clear acrylic (photo above) with 150 grit paper. The sanding coverage of this sander is even and complete.

Performance Results
Finish quality: Very Good
Barely any 150 grit scratch marks discernable under magnification.
Stock removal: Good
Removed 15.9 grams of material from maple in 3 minutes with 100-grit disk (click here to compare to other models tested)
Dust Collection: Good
Efficiency of dust container collection in trials: 72% (click here to compare to other models tested)

Comments and Ratings Below
Very Good overall.
A very capable and comfortable sander with nice features, but no real “extras”. As the former luxury model in the Bosch line, it has held up well over its long product life and still compares favorably to the competition.

Switch: Very Good
Single-speed trigger with lock-on button easy to operate, even with gloves on.
Speed dial: Very good. Recessed dial within easy reach right at the front of the rear handle.
Grip: Good
Soft grippy surface material on top of tool would be nice to have on handles too. The most stable and fatigue-free grip is afforded by spreading the load over the front and rear handles, but the sander is balanced well enough to be used one-handed by gripping atop the motor housing.

Very Good
A smooth-running tool to be sure, but in addition, the greater mass of large rear-handle sanders helps dampen vibration that would be felt more readily in small palm grip models.

Lands on work: Very Good
Tracking: Very Good
Both attributable to the smooth operation of the tool as well as the stability inherent to a full-size sander operated with two hands.

The sizeable dust canister on this sander contains a pleated filter attached to the lid. To empty it, you have to pry the lid off and dump out the bottom tray which can be a messy procedure. Before removing the canister from the sander, you should slide back the plastic tab which supports the canister from below the rear handle. This flexible tab--in concert with the onboard hex wrench tucked in along the bottom of the handle--can cause buzzing and rattling noises when the sander vibrates over rough patches in the work. Note that the oblong dust port won’t fit a vac hose without a special adapter.

Dust Collection
Dust container: Good
The large tray-shaped canister works well and was worth using, but it was more difficult to deal with than the others. It locks to the sander with spring-loaded tabs and also requires that a separate plastic tab is slid out from under the handle to provide support to the center of the canister. This proved much fussier than other designs which just slip onto the dust port. I often found it easier to vacuum out the dust canister rather than popping the lid off and dealing with the dust that falls out of the filter mounted below the lid. It takes a bit of force to pull the lid off and I worried about cracking the plastic or wearing out the edge that locks it to the bottom tray.
Vacuum: Fair

Vac hoses won’t fit over the wide oblong dust port without an optional adapter available from Bosch.

This tool was introduced as Bosch’s second-generation 5-inch random-orbit sander with a rear handle and removable front handle. This feature is helpful for converting the tool for to one-handed use or for sanding around obstructions.

Variable-speed motor; common 8-hole hook-and-loop sanding pad.
Has a large, effective dust collection canister, an easily removable front handle, and onboard hex wrench for its pad and front handle.
Optional accessories: Harder and softer sanding pads; PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) pad; vac adapter fitting.
Similar model: 6-inch pad version.

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