Photo courtesy of DeWalt

What an awesome use for cordless! DeWalt is now making a 20-volt max cordless wire fencing nailer.

I grew up building fence – stretching miles of barbed wire on come-alongs and driving fat fence staples into cedar posts. The only advantage of driving staples by hand (we used fencing pliers that included a hammer head like the Crescent (see photo, left)) was that it was a great test for whether or not you’d done a good job planting your posts. Even if you had sunk your post well, though, you still had to drive the staples down at an angle close to vertical for efficiently driving the staple into the post. Otherwise, with all that banging, you were overstressing the poor posts. Now, it’s point and shoot.

From the manufacturer:
The advantage provided by the 20V MAX* Cordless Fencing Stapler is that it can staple up to 590 staples per charge or 1,400 feet of fencing per charge**. It’s also reportedly up to three times faster than manual hammer-driven stapling***. DeWalt says the stapler also incorporates many features found on professional-grade fastening products, including tool-free stall release, tool-free depth of drive, tool-free mode select, tool-free jam release, tool-free speed select and a brushless motor. In addition, the tool features a multi-angle contact trip for accurate staple placement, low staple lockout, and a 35-staple capacity for fast and easy reloads.

Weighing 8.8 pounds without a battery, the 20V MAX* Cordless Fencing Stapler features LED work lights and an ergonomic handle that has a low center of gravity, providing balance and control. It accepts 9Ga DEWALT Fencing Staples at .157 inches in diameter in 1-1/2”, 1-3/4”, and 2” staple lengths (staples sold separately). Available in summer 2019, the 20V MAX* Cordless Fencing Stapler will come kitted with two 5.0Ah Batteries for $799 MSRP (DCFS950P2) or bare for $599 MSRP (DCFS950B). The 20V MAX* Cordless Fencing Stapler will come with a three-year limited warranty, one-year free service contract and 90-day money-back guarantee.