W 12-125 HD CED Grinder and Shroud
Metabo W 12-125 HD CED Grinder and Shroud

In a deal valued at approximately $180 million dollars (22.1 billion yen), Hitachi Koki has acquired Metabo. The deal includes acquisition of Power Tool Invest B.V. - the parent company based in the Netherlands that formerly owned 80% of Metabo stock - as well the 10% stake owned by the founding family and 10% owned by Metabo executives and employees based in Germany. The deal is expected to be completed in March 2016.

Metabo is well-known for high-quality cordless and corded concrete-, masonry- and steel-working tools, with a handful of woodworking tools, including the KGS 305 12-inch miter saw. Metabo was the first on the market with a 5.0 Ah battery for its cordless line, and its "HD" grinder was one of the first of its kind (a cordless version is out now, as well).

The acquisition obviously brings a high-level brand into the Hitachi fold, but primarily it provides a bigger footprint for Hitachi in the European marketplace, where Metabo has wide brand recognition. In the U.S., the alliance between Hitachi and Lowes may broaden access to Metabo tools, although it's uncertain whether a big box is the best outlet for premium priced power tools.