If you have about 4 grand you don’t want, Mafell will sell you its Erika 70ec Pull-Push saw.

The manufacturer says it delivers “furniture grade” cuts (see FTM below) and cites its low weight (about 70 pounds) and quick set-up. That said, the last thing I want is a blade that comes at me.

Mafell says it cuts aluminum and plastic. I went through a couple of not-cheap miter saw blades on this actual porch reno video cutting solid aluminum balusters, so this might’ve saved me some time and increased safety. Maybe.

So here it is in action, along with a lot of dramatic wood block dropping.

From the manufacturer:
The ERIKA 70Ec Pull-Push saw combines the strengths of a table saw and miter saw while eliminating their weaknesses. You can pull the blade towards your material for the most efficient mitered cross cuts, and push your material towards the blade for the most efficient rip cuts. At just over 70 pounds, this pull-push saw is highly portable compared to the industry's heavy table saws. The built-in /Quickstand\ sets the machine on its aluminum legs in seconds, creating a steady and level table even on uneven surfaces. With the ERIKA's speed and furniture-quality precision, complex projects become one-man projects.

Among its many features: the ERIKA 70Ec has a better tilt range than the competition (-3 to 48°) and a lowerable riving knife. The high-performance 3.0 hp variable-speed motor even makes the cutting of plastics and aluminum possible. And its unique suction channel concentrates the sawdust and extracts it to the rear, resulting in a cleaner site and cleaner work. Factor in the most comprehensive range of optional accessories, and you have the most precise 2-13/16" pull-push saw on the market.

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