A miter saw and bench are usually the nexus of my jobsite setups. And while we could fill up a mile of pixels @the_tools_show (our presence on Instagram) lamenting features that have come and gone from miter saws over the years, I’ll be all set if I never lug a 12-inch slider up a winding staircase again. I like using them, sure, but finding a way to carry them without gouging the walls and my knuckles isn’t easy. I’m not sure I’ve picked up the current miter saw I have the same way twice. The cord never seems to want to re-wrap the same, and I can’t get my fingers under the deck to lift it.

Jet, in what looks to be a sensibly feature-rich 12-inch slider, seems to have heard my complaints. The first in its list of features on the website is “multiple carry handles allow for convenient portability.” And, on closer look, it appears there’s more to like. For instance, the rails are covered. This will keep sawdust out, of course, but it’ll also hold off rain or snow should that be something you contend with. It’s got a cord wrap. (Yes!) The knobs look easy to manipulate, and I’m partial to the horizontal D-handle configuration.

The unit also features Jet’s Xacta green laser guide, which the company says is easy to see even in outdoor applications. While I’m partial to louvered guards, this one is clear, which I think is the next best thing.