Wilton Miter Saws

Product: WMH Tool Group's Wilton 10-inch compound miter saws, model numbers 99164 and 99192. Problem: The aluminum cast pivot joint connecting base to head assembly could crack, causing the blade assembly to break free and cut user. What to do: Stop using. Return it to the store where purchased for a refund. Source: CPSC, Nov. 8, 2006

DeWalt Framing & Circular Saws

Product: DeWalt DW378G and DW378GT 7-1/4-inch framing saws with date codes 200301-49 through 200637-49; DC300 circ saws with date codes 200601-49 through 200637-49. Saws marked with a "V" (framing saws: underside of handle near cord; circ saws: underside of motor housing or under handle where battery is inserted) have already been repaired. Problem: Lower blade guard may fail to close, leaving blade exposed and creating laceration hazard. What to do: Stop using. Contact DeWalt at 866-854-5214 for free repair. Source: CPSC, Nov. 8, 2006