Senco’s NS20XP 16-17-gauge sheathing stapler
Senco’s NS20XP 16-17-gauge sheathing stapler

Senco is a company that has been bought and sold more times than a used work truck. But every time it seems the legendary brand is on the ropes, it comes out swinging.

And if you staple your sheathing or other connections, this tool looks promising and lightning quick.

Senco’s new NS20XP drives 16- and 17-gauge 1- to 2-inch-long 7/16-inch crown staples. Senco says its “track design allows for superior control of the fastener.”
The brand also says with its N-Wire staples, you can drive staples “like a fine-tuned machine.”

However you take it, this tool from this tried and true brand is built for sheathing, roof decking, subflooring, and shingles for $230. Check out our Facebook page for a cool video.