This is the first Scott Brown video I’ve seen and I like it, mainly because he’s wearing an old-school All Blacks jersey and talks New Zealand-ish. Back in my rugby days, we wore these kinds of collared shirts and I played with some Kiwis (in the U.S., for a team called the Irish), who were lovely people and tough as nails. We also appear to have the same hammer.

Which brings me to the tool.

It looks cool. A quick scan of Airbow Systems website says only “high pressure compressed air.” I’m not sure if that means compressed gas, like the nailer we wrote about here, but there is a special compressor for the tool’s on-board tank.

The video says it fires 300 spikes on a full charge (which takes about 10 minutes) and 200 on a quick charge. The company says the gun is quieter with less recoil than a typical spiker, and we find out that unlike 99.9% of all carpenters in the U.S., Scott Brown’s apprenticeship was four years long. And he likes beer.

The big question is, is it coming to the U.S.? Unknown at this point.