Bostitch, one of the best-known U.S. manufacturers of air-powered tools and a major subsidiary of Stanley Tools, officially launched a line of nonpowered hand tools under the Bostitch brand name on March 1.

Bostitch Hand Tools are designed and marketed specifically for the professional user, according to a company spokesman. While many of the tools initially offered are all-new introductions, buyers will recognize several items in the line as rebranded Stanley FatMax Extreme tools. Stanley will discontinue the Extreme appellation and continue to offer FatMax tools under its own brand name.

The new line was created to provide a brand identity for the combined companies' professional-grade tools, and to distinguish them from other Stanley hand tools targeted at casual tool purchasers such as do-it-yourselfers and homeowners. In effect, the move means the company is acknowledging that Stanley Tool buyers failed to recognize the difference between FatMax tools and those labeled Extreme, which denoted a more durable, innovative, or refined pro-grade product.

Some 40 tools are included in the initial Bostitch brand rollout, including hammers, levels, tape measures, wrenches, and more. All of them come with a 100-year limited warranty. They will be sold at home centers and construction supply outlets – in some cases alongside displays of Stanley hand tools.