Measuring and Layout Tools

Better Stair Stringer Layout

This calculated approach guarantees that your deck stairs will have uniform risers... More

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Working Smarter, Not Harder

Veteran carpenter John Spier's top 8 work habits and principles shared by... More

A Digital Measurer for Miter Saws

Tommie Mullaney reports on Reekon's M1 Caliber, which clamps to your miter saw... More

A Fine Chalk Line

Tommie Mullaney explains why the Shinwa Neo is his chalk box of choice for... More

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Geometry for Carpenters

A few simple geometric principles can go a long way towards solving some complex... More

Tool Test: Big Foot 75-Degree Swing Table

John Carroll says that a Big Foot beam saw fitted with their 75-degree swing table... More

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Checking the Accuracy of Squares and Levels

Are your cuts a skosh off, your doors or windows half a bubble off plumb? More

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Decoding the Framing Square for Rafter Layout

Hidden in the rafter table is the base, altitude, and hypotenuse for 34 different... More

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An Evolution in Laying Out Stair Stringers

A simple jig or trammel points can increase the accuracy of stepping-off stairs. More

Tool Test: Kapro Ledge-It Square

This 'try square on steroids' delivers accuracy and innovative features at a... More

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