Cutting out electrical boxes and can lights when hanging drywall can be tricky work. Aside from upsetting the electrician by accidentally nicking his or her wires or chewing up the electrical box with the rotary tool, there’s the potential of making more work for yourself by cutting out the box in the wrong location when using a drywall saw.

Knowing precisely where the boxes and lights are is important, especially if you prefer using a drywall saw or knife over a rotary tool. But locating these cutout locations can be tricky and takes time. When working in an old house where walls are rarely level or plumb the process is even more intensive.

Calculated Industries developed magnetic location devises that claim to take the guess work and time out of locating boxes and lights. The Blind Mark Magnetic Drywall Locator Tools use rare earth magnets that snap into a box or light fixture. Once the drywall is hung, a second set of magnets mounted on a template the size of the outlet box is placed near the box’s location. Due to the strength of the rare earth magnets, the template snaps into place precisely allowing you to trace its location, then cut out the drywall using your preferred method. There’s also the Center Mark Magnetic Drywall Locator for recessed can lights.

Price: $9.95 – $29.95 depending on the kit.

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