Klein Tools has expanded its line of hole-making tools to include bi-metal hole saws, double-fluted step drill bits, and wood-boring bits. The tools are designed for a variety of materials—steel, wood, drywall, plastic, and tile. The bi-metal hole saws can cut steel and stainless steel as well as more-forgiving materials. Multiple slots make it easier to pry out the round blank after the hole is cut, and thick back plates allow heavy use, according to Klein. Sizes range from 7/8 inch to 6 3/8 inches. The double-fluted step bits, which have a 3/8-inch hex shank and a graduated series of steps, come in several sizes; the #15, for example, has a range of 7/8 inch to 1?3/8 inches. The new wood-boring bits have a low-torque design that reduces wrist fatigue, Klein says. Sizes range from 7/8 inch to 1?3/8 inches. Klein has also upgraded existing products such as carbide hole cutters, ship-auger bits, and flex drill bits. Klein Tools, kleintools.com