I recently reached out to Lift Safety to try out its Carbon fiber hard hat. Safety rules in our area don’t require us to wear hard hats full time but still often enough that I want a comfortable one. I post a lot on Instagram and feel a responsibility to set a good example.

This DAX carbon-fiber-reinforced resin shell weighs in at about 460grams with suspension. It feels much lighter than my SkullGard hard hat. I chose the matte full-brim hat to shed water better than the cap style. The six-point suspension is comfortable and the microfiber liner works well, though I do notice that my skin reacts to it and becomes red. No itching or anything like that, but that’s unique to me. (I recently reacted to a bee sting on my head so it seems like I’ve got some sensitivities I didn’t have when I was younger.)

The oversize ratcheting works well for me and seems sturdy, but I had a few guys on Instagram tell me they broke theirs. What makes these hard hats so expensive is that they are hand laid, or more time consuming to make, and each is unique because of this process. According to Lift Safety, “as a general guideline we recommend replacing hard hats every five years regardless of outside appearance, but this can vary due to jobsite conditions.” This hard hat meets ANSI Z89.1-2014 requirements for Type 1, Class C.

After wearing it for a length of time and not getting neck aches or bonking my head, I recommend this hard hat. At $158, it isn’t cheap, but I think of it like a pair of work boots. When I have to wear something every day, it needs to be comfortable. You can see a video review here.