So I go to a lot of tradeshows. They’re all industry specific like the Remodeling Show or the mighty JLC Live and I like them.

But there’s always some ancillary product there that seems out of place. It usually has nothing, on the surface anyway, that has anything to do with home improvement, building, or tools. So I usually just scratch my head and keep walking while vigorously looking at the floor so the booth people don’t talk to me.

This time, when my buddy Cliff—and reviewer of this awesome Milwaukee vac—called me over to the Daiwa booth at the International Builders’ Show I gave the international facial expression of, “Oh no, how much time is this going to cost me?”

“Check it out,” Cliff told me. “You’re not going to believe this.” So into the Daiwa Pegasus 2 I sat waiting for Cliff to steal my bag while I was trapped in this “Chair.”

It only took about one second to realize that calling this a chair was an insult to whatever this thing really is.

As the chair springs slowly into action (call it soft start if you want to think about it in tool jargon), it grabs your limbs. Think light duty blood pressure cuffs all over, but bigger, soft leather.

The unit’s 3D massage rollers start in next. They feel uncannily like human hands. Triple reflexology foot rollers go to work on your tootsies and Shiatsu rollers work the calves.

It's voice activated. It has a charging port for your devices. It reclines with “wall hugging technology.”

What’s the tool angle you ask? The rep told me that builders buy these for their offices. That’s why the company exhibits at the show.

And I buy that. Even though most of them probably mean “home office” while their employees do not get the pleasure of this winged horse of a chair. But buying one for employees too is not entirely outside the realm of possibility: My other buddy and reviewer of the uber cool Plugfones is out on an overnight and fishing trip with his company as I type this that easily rivals the approximately $7,500 cost of the seating device.