The top step of a stepladder might seem to some as a design flaw: Why have a step that’s dangerous to use? Traditional adders also limit your range of motion in relation to the work area; you can reach only so far when standing on a narrow step. With Werner’s new ladders those limitations don’t exist—you can stand on the top step and reach in any direction from the top of Werner’s Podium Ladder. This relatively new-style stepladder line features a broad platform and a waist-high guard rail. Factory-installed spring-loaded casters, available on select models, deactivate automatically when the ladder is in use. These casters are available on the heavy-duty, 375-pound-rated Type IAA model, and on the 300-pound-rated Type IA fiberglass model. The Grade 1 Type 1AA PD7303 series (shown) starts at $260 for a 3-foot model.

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