Last winter I wore and then wrote up our experience with some European style work pants. As the European style work pant gains popularity here in the states, the options and features are increasing, so when Truewerk reached out to me over Instagram to see if I'd be interested in reviewing a new style, I accepted.

Truewerk G2. Truewerk has designed their line around the “industrial athlete”. It is true that a lot of what we do in the trades requires some level of athletic ability. This is especially true of work that requires working at heights and in a harness.

The G2 pant is designed to be abrasion and tear resistant but flexible. It is also designed not to melt, but rather burn if the wearer is dealing with sparks or welding. The seams of the pant are stitched with “Core Spun Poly thread-contructed like Kernmantle climbing rope”. This resists abrasion but will stretch. The stretch in the work pant too has been optimized directionally. The wear points of the pant feature Cordura Nylon 6.6 to extend the life of the pant.

The G2 has pockets that zip to the pant in the front and rear that allow the user to store tools etc. I know from some finish carpenter who wear the pant these pockets mean they don’t need to wear tools bags.

Fit. This pant just doesn’t fit me. I wear a 36w 30 inseam and these are still too long. They are deliberately made this way for harness work. My recommendation is to order 2” or 4” shorter in the inseam if you don’t do harness work. I gave my pair to a friend who is 6’3” tall (I’m 5’7” tall) and he absolutely loves them. He won’t stop raving about them and gets a lot of comments about them when he is at the lumberyard. My coworker loves his as well.

What makes this a great pant is that it is lightweight but stretches so you won’t bind crouching or crawling around. One of the biggest pros to this pant is that you can slide in kneepads from the outside. This is easy, but more importantly will save your knees over time.

The G2 costs $124 but they have a program to reduce price. I have their green T.5 polo and X1 Werkshirt and love both of them. I think that polo is the best shirt I’ve worn.

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