While there always seems to be some new gadget on the market for those of us in the building trades, I’ve come upon one of the coolest (or hottest, in this case) and most convenient new products yet. The Coffeeboxx by Oxx is the replacement for the “new guy” on the job (and the flimsy countertop coffee maker). When I got a call to try this new one out, I was of course skeptical. We have all seen the coffee maker on a construction site and it usually isn’t pretty; you need to wear nothing less than a hazmat suit to get near it. Not so with the Coffeeboxx. Even the box it comes in is well done.

Coming in at about one cubic foot, this brew master works with your favorite single-serve coffee pods. Not only that, but it has a separate hot water dispenser, free of coffee-tasting water for tea or hot chocolate. It features a 2.5L removable, spill-proof water tank, which is more than most home countertop models have. We timed a brew during break and it served up a fresh cup in 75 seconds. Its square heavy-duty design fits nicely into a job box or in the back of a pickup truck. Its water resistant exterior, is also dust-proof, rust-proof, impact resistant, and crush-proof. It can handle a whopping 1,500-lb. load, meaning if you forgot it was under the miter saw and compressor before you threw a pile of 2x4s on top, you can still expect it to perform at coffee break.

Other features are its rubberized fold down carry handle, stainless steel tie downs, a removable drip tray for your oversized travel mug, a built-in carbon filter, and a 3-foot retractable power cord. I liked the tie downs a lot because I was able to strap it down in my truck so it wouldn't tumble around. What would really make this the ultimate in convenience is a cordless model compatible with one of the many rechargeable battery platforms found on our jobsites.

When the Coffeeboxx first showed up on the jobsite it was received with some skepticism by my crew, as well as the subs. But by the end of the week one of the folks on site decided to buy one for themselves. Its portability, durability, and convenience just can’t be beat. While it may add to the size a little, I felt my self wanting some on board storage for the coffee pods. Oxx seems to have figured that out now as well; I recently found a carrying case on their site that has a removable pouch for the pods. It sells for $50.

Overall Oxx has thought the Coffeeboxx out well. It comes in two color configurations: a fluorescent green and black model, which you won’t lose track of, and an all black “limited edition” model, The retail price of $250 (currently on sale for $230) for the green one may seem a little steep (get it?), for a coffee maker, but it’s worth it. When you factor in the time a coffee run actually costs, especially when the “new guy” gets lost, there’s money found in gas and wasted time alone. A decent single serve coffee maker is $120, and sure you can buy a regular coffee pot for much less, but I’ve found that neither hold up very well on the jobsite. The Coffeeboxx gets two work glove thumbs up from this crew! So far the only one not happy is the local barista.