At last week’s STAFDA Show, Milwaukee introduced the M18 LED Stand Light – a portable work light that works of the M18 cordless battery platform. The manufacturer claims it will deliver up to 2,000 lumens, and has three output modes for optimizing brightness and extending battery run-time

The stand appears to be a well-designed, stable stand that can be set up in seconds. The rotating and pivoting head can be adjusted to a height of four to seven feet, providing good overhead illumination and options to help minimize shadows. The battery at the very base of the tool keeps the center of gravity low to increase stability. That's not going to help if someone bashes into it or does a Laurel and Hardy with a 2x4. But not having a cord to pull it increases the chance this cordless stand light will survive on site.

The stand and light collapse down to 40-inch unit with a nice carrying handle for easy transport and storage. When packed away, the head nests into a protective shroud that should help keep it intact when it bounces around the back of the truck.

For more information, watch Milwaukee's video below.