I expected to be bored by this video. I was wrong.

While there’s nothing directly tied to cutting a 2-by or installing shiplap or leather woodworking tool apron reviews, we’re touched by this invention every day—everybody is, it would seem.

The “terminal tractor” is that funky-looking single-offset cab truck you see in warehouses and other facilities, and this video tells a story of the company that invented it: Ottawa Steel Products, in Kansas.

It also touches on peoples’ faith in each other, dedication, and other inspiring things that are sometimes learning moments and it doesn’t matter how they get into your head, as long as they do, For example, employees rally after a massive fire destroys the plant in 1950. Then they rally again, during a 39 ½-foot flood in 1951. The footage is astonishing and the factory floor—again—fubar-ed. The employees—again—stand by their man.

And it all started from a company that repaired farm implements.

“You’re doing something that touches everybody globally and people don’t realize it comes from this little town in the middle of Kansas.”

“You can make water cold or make a machine that sits in a corner and hums…but there’s something inherently cooler about things you start and go drive around…”