We all have favorite tools we would not be without. My smartphone falls into that category—not just for communicating but for the functions it allows me to perform with apps. YouNote is one of my favorites. It allows me to easily track and categorize information related to the jobs I am working on and quoting—from wherever I happen to be.

YouNote can be used to make AudioNotes, PictNotes (photos), DrawNotes (sketches), TextNotes, WebNotes (screen shots of web pages) and Multinotes (notes within notes—as in a supply list with multiple items). Notes can be stored in individual job folders and linked via your choice of tags: a color, geolocation (the app knows where the note was made), or something else. I use it to make written and audio notes, store jobsite photos, and geotag locations.

I have a bad habit of losing paperwork and this app has helped me get organized and put years of information at my fingertips. Notes can be emailed, backed up, and accessed from a desktop computer.

YouNote sells for $2.99 and is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.