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JLC ??APRIL 1991 HOLLOW-WALL A variety of new anchors offer strength, speed, and versatility for attaching to drywall by Lewis Lorini One day in the mid-1940s, Fred Crosseant heeded his wife's complaints and finally fixed the shaky toilet paper holder, and the rest, as they say, is history. To do the job, Crosseant, a toolmaker by trade, invented the Molly (named for Mrs. Crosseant) expansion fastener, which, by all reports, was the world's first hollow-wall fastener. The product, originally marketed in 1947 on match books, was patented in 1951. About 75 million pieces are still produced annually. Securely fastening shelves, towel bars, or toilet paper holders to hollow walls has come a long way since Mrs. Crosseant inspired Fred to do a