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JLC • AUGUST 1996 JLC • AUGUST 1996 CORROSION-RESISTANT FASTENERS Maze Nails now offers 20-degree stick nails that have a galvanized coating 20% to 40% thicker than the .0025-inch coating found on a typical hot-dipped nail. Sizes range from 2 to 31/2 inches long, and shank styles include plain, ring, and spiral. All sizes and styles are available as common nails or as smaller-diameter box nails. During the hot-dipped galvanization process, nails are submerged in molten zinc. Maze submerges its nails twice, claiming that the second dip, which fills voids or imperfections left after the first submersion, substantially increases the "life expectancy" of the nail. What's more, the plastic collation that binds the nails together is designed to prevent "flagging"