Kyle Diamond

A few years ago my company, New Dimension Construction, completed restoration work on a 160-year-old Greek Revival in Millbrook, N.Y., located in the eastern Hudson River Valley. We spent seven months tearing down and replacing an addition with low ceilings that connected the main house to a kitchen addition, and completing extensive roof and exterior repairs. The work included raising the kitchen roofline, adding windows more in keeping with the building's style, installing new standing-seam roofing, and completely reconstructing or replacing the eaves, frieze, soffits, built-in gutters, and decorative railings. We finished out the project with the entry work described in this article.

Doric columns. A distinguishing feature of this home is its entry colonnade, which stands on a 6-foot by 30-foot porch that is about 2 feet above finish grade. The gable-end pediment trim and the upper three-quarters of the columns were in good shape considering their age, but the column bottoms and porch decking were another story. Working with...

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