Our company recently completed this awesome project with Rauser Design using the "Perfect Wall"  concept.  The entire exterior skin is metal. In this video, you can see how the job came out as I explain why I think metal is an awesome siding and roofing material.

The reasons boil down to this: 

  1. Longevity. For either siding or roofing (or both) a high-quality metal panel is really a life-time product.
  2. No painting, no maintenance.  The panels shown on this house come factory-finished with a Kynar 500 coating. The coating carries a 25 to 30 year warranty, depending on the finish you choose.
  3. Efficiency. If you live in the South, you want white or light-colored roofing and siding to help reduce radiant gains. The light color reflect heat away, but there is also a gap behind the metal panels over foil-faced foam, which creates an effective radiant barrier, as well.
  4. Easy installation. While I hired a professional roofer to install the siding and roofing, it could have been done with my own crew. Using face screws, the panels are very quick and easy to install.
  5. Easy removal for maintenance. Should something go wrong inside the wall or roof assembly, you can remove a panel  quickly ... fix what you need to ... and put it back without having to destroy the panel.
  6. Recycled, and recyclable. The panels on this house are made of 90% recycled content to begin with, and at the end of it's life, the material will still be valuable. It won't end up in a landfill.
  7. No rot.  Unlike wood or asphalt shingles, these panels are not going to deteriorate.
  8. Easy to clean. With a full-metal skin, just grab a pressure-washer and the house can be made to look like new.
  9. Hail and fire resistance.  Here in Texas, hail is no joke. Metal can withstand the beating. For parts of the country that are prone to wild fires, this siding and roofing offers Class-A fire protection.
  10. Exterior insulation.  We use a simple metal "L" as the window and door trim.  This creates a return to the window and door units that covers the exterior foam - a detail that vastly simplifies the process of adding as much exterior insulation as we want in order to create a super energy-efficient home.

Matt Risinger owns Risinger Homesa custom building and whole-house remodeling firm in Austin, TX. Visit his blog at www.MattRisinger.com and check out his video channel on YouTube

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