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    Credit: Wayne Sammons

Sometimes it seems I work in more than my fair share of crawlspaces, where I have to move around on my hands and knees while dragging my tools and supplies with me. To make these jobs a little easier, I came up with the tool caddy shown here.

It’s a 20-inch-by-26-inch plastic mortar pan screwed through fender washers to a piece of 3/4-inch plywood, with four 2 1/2-inch dolly wheels mounted on the bottom — fixed wheels in back and swiveling wheels in front. For mobility, I attached a 15-foot-long tow rope to a screw-eye.

Since the caddy’s less than 12 inches high, it fits easily underneath floor joists, even loaded with supplies. When I’m working at the far end of a large crawlspace, it’s nice to be able to bring all my tools and supplies with me in a single trip — and to bring them out just as quickly.

Wayne Sammons lives in Rehoboth Beach, Del.