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If a low-flush toilet breaks your client's budget, a conventional toilet can be retrofitted with a low-flush valve. The Econo-Flush twin-Valve is designed to replace the outlet valve in most toilet tanks. It has two valves. When the handle is depressed part way, one valve releases 1.5 gallons from the tank. Pushing the handle all the way down releases the full tank when needed. Except for the valve, no other hardware needs to be replaced. The suggested retail price for the Econo-Flush valve is $39.95. For more information, contact Econo-Flush, P.O. Box 294, Skykomish, WA 98288; 206/677-2213. Hardware Paradise Looking for cabinet hardware? Outwater Industries specializes in plastic and its products include polypropylene hinge stock, inexpensive shelf track, steel molding, CD, VCR,