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A Better Whole-House HEPA Filtration Solution

Travis Brungardt provides practical guidance on installing an indoor air... More

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Practical Ventilation for a Warm, Humid Climate

A builder in coastal North Carolina describes the strategies and equipment he uses... More

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Plug-in Power Vent

Provide attic ventilation with this simple, plug-in vent. More

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Self-Cleaning Range Hood

A self-cleaning system flushes steam and water (from a tray that users fill with... More

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Running a Bath Fan Exhaust Through Metal Roofing

Aaron Miiller has devised a clean way to vent a bath fan through exposed-fastener... More

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Ductwork for a Retrofit ERV

Miguel Walker explains the tradeoffs of using existing heating ducts instead of... More

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Rethinking Closet Ventilation

Joe Lstiburek makes the case for louvered closet doors...or for returns at the... More

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Smart Ventilation Solutions

Sensors in the hoods automate operation. More

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Extra-Clearance Dryer Vent

This rooftop dryer vent is tall enough for higher-profile tile or moderate snowfall. More

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Steam Shower Lessons Learned

Doug Horgan shares the methods and materials his company uses for trouble-free... More

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