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Modern Hydronic Heating for Residential and Light Commercial Buildings by John Siegenthaler (Delmar Publishers, 1995; 800/347-7707). Hardcover, 83/4x111/4, 449 pages. $54.95. John Siegenthaler has created the definitive textbook on hot-water heating. Modern Hydronic Heating is a reference manual containing all the things an installer or designer of a hydronic system needs to know. (Hydronic heating means using water to carry heat to all parts of the house. Once there, it can release that heat through baseboard radiators, fan coil units, radiant slabs, and even pool, spa, or whirlpool heating.) Siegenthaler has written the right book at the right time. In the colder climates, hydronics continues to gain in popularity over forced-air systems. This is driven in part by increasing concern for indoor air quality and the health effects of