EIGHT- PENNY NEWS VOLUME 11 • NUMBER 9 JUNE 1993 Massachusetts: Home Depot has agreed to stop teaching homeowners how to install water heaters. The state's attorney general's office had informally requested that Home Depot stop the program in response to a complaint filed by the Massachusetts Association of Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Contractors. Massachusetts law allows only licensed plumbers to install such equipment. Maine: To revitalize deteriorating urban neighborhoods in Portland and Lewiston, the state's housing authority is creating Housing Opportunity Zones. The authority is providing $1.5 million in interestfree loans for home improvements in the opportunity zones. Vermont: Numerous construction groups in the state are supporting a "statute of repose" bill in response to a recent court decision that holds builders and designers liable for any injuries related to a building's construction for the building's lifetime. The bill being considered would