Q. What marketing methods have been most successful for your company?

A. "All of our work last year came from referrals. We also use job-site signs, and I network with people in related industries, like real estate brokers, insurance agents, and termite inspectors."

— Steve Klitsch

"I rely heavily on referrals and repeat business. So all my marketing efforts are directed toward customer service — doing little repair jobs, for example. I stress the quality of my work as well as my experience and background to give the customer confidence and to justify a price that may be higher than others. I send out estimates with a one-page company brochure and a list of references and customer comments. I like to include a handwritten note with the package for a personal touch. I let my package do the talking and it works — I get about 75% of the jobs I estimate."

— Rick Stacy

"Initially, we developed a unique logo, plus site and truck signs. We also printed an emergency telephone number card that lists our services on the back. Beyond that, we seek out third-party credibility by releasing photos for publication in special home remodeling newspaper inserts. But by far, the strongest marketing tool is referrals from satisfied clients. They become our sales force."

— Bill Gaver

"My aim in marketing is to try to give the client something printed so they can take it with them. We distribute a brochure to clients and architects. We’ve also just developed a Web site and we list the address on our business cards. People can look at the Web site and see what we do."

— Glenn Farrell