The Chicago-based law firm Freeborn has emerged as a strong voice offering important legal insights for professionals at all levels of the building life-cycle to consider.

Among the many legal concerns facing the building community, Freeborn gathers the critical questions business professionals need to be asking and seeking answers for, around key business areas, including:

  • employment obligations;
  • supply chain disruptions and how force majeure (unforeseeable circumstances that prevent someone from fulfilling a contract) clauses may be affected;
  • insurance coverage (especially relating to business policies covering loss associated with COVID-19);
  • tax changes (noting that laws and regulations may change rapidly due to the COVID-19 crisis); privacy and security and corporate governance.

In addition, Freeborn examines critical business concerns for larger firms, including mergers and acquisitions, capital markets and securities law and critical real-estate matters.

The document "Force Majeure Clauses in Construction and Other Commercial Contracts in the Age of COVID-19" is an especially important read that addresses the burning questions of the moment relating to pricing, completion and payments for all construction firms with active work at this moment.

Visit Freeborn's article page for other legal perspectives as they emerge in this difficult moment for our industry.