The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic knows no bounds, and no business sector has been immune. In a mere few months, firms have gone from project backlogs and frenetic hiring to diminishing work and wage reductions, staff furloughs, and, most painfully, layoffs.

Writing in JLC's sister publication, Architect, Wanda Lau dives deep into what you need to know about being on either the delivery or the receiving end of an employment notice.

Before making any rash staffing decisions, design firms should look beyond the immediate situation, says Dallas-based HKS principal and human resources director Michelle Carroll. “It’s important to balance any short-term cost containment needs with your longer-term talent strategy,” she explains. “Firms should ... understand exactly what roles, expertise, and talent are needed not only to support current workload but, more importantly, what we expect our future to bring. ... In some cases, it may even make sense to invest in new talent that deepen those areas now.”

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