Technology has impacted every aspect of building professionals’ jobs over the last several years. As with many industries, tech-forward products and services in construction have resulted in a marked impact on professional contractors’ bottom lines. In fact, according to Lowe’s proprietary research, 66% of home improvement professionals say they’re excited about the potential of technology to improve their job efficiency.

According to that research, contractors also see retailer-specific mobile apps and built-in tools as innovations that have the greatest potential to improve their day-to-day work, which includes building customer relationships and managing project deadlines. They should ask themselves whether their business and work are improved by technology in these three ways:

Am I Getting Enough Face Time with My Customers?

Customers notice when project leads are present, often emphasizing the importance of being reassured that the job is being done right. More than 70% of homeowners shared that they find it very important for contractors to consistently communicate about projects. Contractors who meet this customer need are setting themselves up for future success: relying on referrals more and less on bids and project inquiries to fill their project backlogs.

Staying on-site, however, is easier said than done. Once they leave – whether it’s for a supply run or to check on another project – it can be more difficult to come back. One of the most common solutions is to send a runner to pick up materials, but the traditional over-the-phone approval processes of in-store sales can often be inefficient and confusing. As a direct response to this challenge, Lowe’s has introduced the new Purchase Authorization feature in the Lowe’s app, available for MVPs Pro Rewards and Partnership Program members. This online tool enables account owners to authorize crew members to make in-store purchases on their behalf, with set time and spend limits and no in-store approvals required.

This feature is just one example of how technology can help contractors keep their attention on their customers, stay on schedule and earn more referrals.

Am I Making the Most of My Available Resources?

The demand for skilled tradespeople remains high. However, when labor is difficult to find, it can be more challenging for contractors to manage deadlines and balance the projects in their backlogs.

It’s not a coincidence that contractors who win repeat business have the support needed to deliver. When things get tight, it's important to have a trusted supplier and retailer that has the right materials when they're needed.

Lowe’s contactless same-day delivery feature places a wide selection of tools and materials at contractors’ fingertips for orders placed on or the Lowe’s app. More importantly, it keeps contractors and their crews at work while supplies are delivered directly to the jobsite within a matter of hours.

Contractors can simply select the same-day delivery option on eligible orders placed by 2 p.m. local time and get status updates on incoming deliveries with online order tracking.

Am I Able to Offload Administrative Tasks to Focus on the Work?

Budget tracking and project planning are critical to the success of any business. For many building professionals, these tasks take time and attention away from the work where they can bring the most value. Technologies designed to help streamline project management, like Houzz Pro and Monday, can reduce time spent in the back office and get contractors back to doing what they do best.

By taking advantage of key features in just a few well-designed mobile apps, tradespeople can not only save time and money but build stronger customer relationships and do more of the work they love. Building professionals’ needs are ever evolving, and finding partners who can solve their biggest challenges is one of the most important tools they can have.

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