Amid considerable changes in the housing market over the last few years, and challenges like interest, inflation and supply chain issues, pros are adapting well and taking advantage of the opportunity to use their skills to grow their businesses.

For pros, time is money. Effective time management is crucial for them to sustain business, keep up with project backlogs and manage homeowner expectations.

Prioritize Communication to Build Strong Relationships

According to Lowe’s proprietary research from fall 2022, homeowners want to hire pros they trust, and a key part of building that confidence with new and existing customers is improved communication rooted in transparency, which can help lay the groundwork for repeat business.

Nearly 50% of homeowners ranked communication in their top three deciding factors for hiring a pro. Communicating with clients virtually can be effective, and face-to-face interaction can add tremendous value to relationships with your customers.

To prioritize communication and ensure ongoing alignment, consider establishing regular meetings with homeowners to discuss critical milestones, manage expectations and establish ever-changing needs.

Lean on Partners to Win Bids

More homeowners want customized bids from pros to inform their decisions. In fact, according to the Lowe’s 2022 study, half of homeowners ranked the ability to provide detailed bids among their top three deciding factors for hiring a pro, and 65% cited lack of clarity on project costs as a top challenge.

While bringing your bid to homeowners first can be beneficial, it's equally important to scope the project costs accurately, source materials quickly and establish realistic timelines. Pros recognize that this is where a strong relationship with partners, including retailers and suppliers, can help.

Taking advantage of technology and leaning on online tools can make creating accurate quotes and bids seamless. For example, Lowe’s Online Order Quoting allows pros to build and receive quotes for orders purchased via the app and website more efficiently. Consider signing up for the Lowe’s MVPs Pro Rewards and Partnership Program to gain access to more exclusive tools, deals and rewards.

Create a Competitive Advantage by Using New Tech Tools

The Lowe’s 2022 study found that completing work quickly ranked as another of the top three deciding factors for hiring a pro. Many pros also believe technology benefits their ability to win bids, improves their efficiency and enhances customer communication.

Incorporating technology through online bids, online scheduling and project visualization has great potential to help win over a new generation of millennial homeowners. Pros should also consider using online tools from Lowe’s suite of offerings – from E-Procurement, Project Calculators and MSDS Search — that help pros in-real-time, without ever leaving the jobsite.

Even something as simple as the “Buy It Again” feature within the Lowe's mobile app can help pros quickly sort products by personalized factors such as frequency, recency and price of purchase – adding convenience and efficiency when ordering supplies.

Effective time management, communication and technology should remain top of mind for pros as they continue to grow and sustain relationships with homeowners in 2023 and beyond.