My family has owned and operated Paradise Decking in Summerfield, N.C., for 20 years. At 3,700 square feet, this project was our biggest to date, taking three and a half months start to finish and costing close to $400,000 with paint and electric. Most of what you see here we built with pressure-treated pine, though the flooring and some of the trim is cellular PVC. The complex includes an outdoor kitchen; a hot tub with canti­levered benches on three sides; a walkway, with an exposed-framed ceiling, connecting the portico with the adjoining house; and a sunroom addition off the back of the house that opens onto a country-style porch overlooking the kitchen area. In addition, down by the pool is a freestanding porch with a massive masonry fireplace. We subbed out the electric, travertine pavers, masonry, granite countertops, and painting; our company did all the excavation, drainage, and construction, custom-building everything from stock materials.

Brendon Knight co-owns Paradise Decking ( in Summerfield, N.C.