Stamped overlays are a great way to rejuvenate exterior concrete, especially where removal and replacement is cost-prohibitive. In addition to providing the aesthetic attributes of stamped concrete, overlays are less time- and labor-intensive. They also enable restoration without messy demolition and risk of damaging surrounding structures, such as a swimming-pool coping or stair and wall surfaces; and they beautifully mimic other paving materials. Stamping mats and texturing skins are available in dozens of patterns, enabling you to offer customers the beauty and texture of natural stone, brick, slate, cobblestone, and even wood planking without the expense.

In part one of a two-part article on stamped overlays in Concrete Construction, Bob Harris - founder of the Decorative Concrete Institute - explains the differences between the various stampable concrete overlay systems, how products differ and why that matters, and how to mix and apply the overlay. In part two, Harris presents the secrets of a successful installation.

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