My company, Deck Masters of Portland, Ore., built this bath house from the customer’s design. redwood tongue-and-groove siding, ipe decking, metal roof. 

The customer, who had the redwood siding milled in northern California just for this project, mistakenly ordered all 8-foot pieces even though the walls were higher than that. Our solution was to run the siding horizontally at the top of the walls and wrap the seam with a piece of redwood trim.

We custom-built the granite-topped sink vanity and the shelf for the tub spigot. We custom-built the shower pan and used natural slate for the shower and the floor of the sauna. The sauna has electric heat and the shower has a propane instant-on water heater to save energy.  the counter top is granite for the sink. Also, we custom-built the door to the sauna and made it 4 inches thick so we could put insulation in it to keep the electrically heated sauna hot.

The teak bathtub (lower right) was imported from Thailand.
Chris Something The teak bathtub (lower right) was imported from Thailand.

, the light fixtures, the hand carved Buddhist mandala in the sitting area are all teak and were imported from Thailand for this project. The bathtub actually has to have a little water in it at all times or it dries out and the rings fall off, there is no glue or fasteners, just the metal bands.

One more detail about the bathouse. On the outside of the building you see a redwood fence, inside that area is the utility area where there is a propane instant on water heater as well as a water spigot to hook a hose up to for cleaning purposes.