The 2006 JLC editorial index contains listings for feature articles, selected departments, product reviews, tool reviews, news stories, and letters. References are listed by topic rather than by article title. The following codes are used to help you find information:

Accessibility, barrier-free remodeling for aging clients*, APR:103

Accounting, break-even point, growth, profit, APR:45

Air conditioning. See HVAC.

Appliances, laundry room (P), MAY:131

Architecture. See Design.

Basements. See Foundations.

Bathrooms: See also Showers, Toilets.

annual innovative-product picks*, JUL:89

faucets (P), SEP:143

floor heating (P), JAN:93

jetted tubs (P), FEB:107

solid surfacing options (P), MAR:133

stone countertop, supporting, JAN:93

Brick stairs, building on concrete footings*, JAN:71

Building standards. See Code, building.

Business: See also Accounting; Customers; Employees; Estimating; Legal; Marketing.

assets, protecting by incorporating, OCT:59

business plan, writing practical, SEP:61

Calif. new construction impact fees fund air cleanup, MAR:29

color coding for office organization, JUN:60

co-ops and ability to compete, DEC:19

credit cards, accepting for payment, NOV:41

decisions based on building science, MAY:55

design/build, managing design phase*, FEB:47

earnings decrease for production builders, OCT:23

financial year-end, preparing for, NOV:41

handyman work, pricing, OCT:65; (L), DEC:13

immigrant workforce (L), JUL:19

job-site theft (L), JUL:19

management and understanding personality types, SEP:61

materials, cost rise, OCT:23

meetings as management tool, JUL:61

negotiated contracts in lieu of bids, DEC:37

prices rise for PVC, asphalt, and insulation, JAN:25

pricing, explaining to customers, JUN:49

purchase orders, using to control the job*, JAN:79

quality control, checklist for, AUG:53; (L), NOV:17

real estate as investment*, NOV:91

sales, closing remodeling, JUN:52

square-foot cost and design, MAR:63

sub vs. employee rules in Mass., APR:23


semicustom beadboard (P), JAN:93

storage (P), JAN:93

Ceramic tile:

cement, grout, and mortar for (P), APR:113

flangeless tub detail (Q), AUG:37

on curved wall (Q), APR:35

Code, building:

proposed IRC change for deck ledger bolting, NOV:21

stair-code guide, SEP:21

unvented attics and, JUL:73; (L), OCT:17

Computers: See also Internet.

tablet, overview*, SEP:129


block, installation techniques*, NOV:71

recycled, use for (Q), MAY:35

salt-finished, for driveway, DEC:33

Conservation. See Energy; Environment; Green building; Solar.

Contracts. See Legal.


complaints re contractors and vice versa, SEP:21

explaining pricing to, JUN:49

Decks: See also Framing, decks; Porches.

membrane deck flashing, FEB:41

proposed IRC change for ledger bolting, NOV:21

slate-tile, building*, NOV:59

Trex fiber-composite, bending for pool deck*, JUL:81

ugliest, award for, OCT:23


cantilevered bay window on raised ranch and*, JUN:75

custom guardrail options, MAY:45

decisions with shingle cladding, JUL:55

freestanding garages, MAR:57

managing design phase in design/build*, FEB:47

narrow houses for infill lots, JUN:23

porch, and choosing columns, posts, or piers, SEP:53

post-World War II houses, guide to remodeling, JUL:23

square-foot cost and, MAR:63

straw-bale house with barrel-vault roof, DEC:104

tiny houses, FEB:128

Disputes. See Lawsuits.


entry, flashing*, JAN:61

pocket-door kits, installing*, FEB:77

prehung and precased, shims for (Q), MAY:35; (L), AUG:13

Drainage. See Foundations.

Driveways, salt-finished concrete, DEC:33


compatibility with veneer plaster (Q), DEC:27

finishing old unfinished drywall (Q), SEP:37

joint compounds, types of (Q), MAR:41

planning and proper framing for*, APR:83


boxes, moving, and concealed splices (Q), APR:35; (L) AUG:13

garage sited over service-entrance cable (Q), NOV:31

tools and products, time- and money-saving*, NOV:99


hiring office staff, JAN:56

immigration officials pose as OSHA in illegals sting, JUN:23

managing, and understanding personality types, SEP:61

migrant labor and hiring centers, FEB:19; (L), APR:19

moonlighting, how to handle (L), NOV:17; (L), DEC:13

Spanish-speaking, benefits (L), MAR:19

Spanish-speaking, bilingual safety video for, MAY:23

Spanish-speaking, and illegal-immigrant workforce (L), JUL:19

sub vs. employee rules in Mass., APR:23

Energy: See also Solar power.

annual innovative-product picks*, JUL:89

efficiency, dos and don'ts*, OCT:117; (L), DEC:13

new DOE efficiency standard for AC, JAN:25

Environment: See also Green building; Solar power.

Calif. new construction impact fees fund air cleanup, MAR:29

Clean Water Act wetlands ruling, SEP:21


remodeling and recognizing intangibles, JAN:51

with spreadsheet, advanced functions for efficiency*, OCT:107

Exteriors: See also Porches, Siding.

annual innovative-product picks*, JUL:89

brick stairs, building on concrete footings*, JAN:71

custom guardrail options, MAY:45; (L), JUL:19

flashing options (P), SEP:143

pergola ledger detail, JUL:47

rain-screen siding, details for*, MAR:99; (L), JUL:19

shutter repair (Q), JUN:35

synthetic roof underlayment, substituting for housewrap (Q), AUG:37

wood fences, rot-prevention techniques for*, SEP:109


for ACQ plates and mudsills (Q), JAN:35

for joints, Senclamps review, JUN:131

Fences, rot prevention for wood*, SEP:109

Finish carpentry:

curved crown molding, layout technique for*, DEC:71

frame-and-panel fireplace surround*, OCT:97

hinge mortises, router with template guide for (Q), JUL:37

jack-mitered beaded casing joint*, JAN:43

MDF for long trim, MAR:41

over-the-post handrail bolt source (L), JUN:19

over-the-post handrails, layout and installation*, APR:63; MAY:91

wainscot, simple panel, MAR:53

window trim with prefab techniques*, AUG:69; (L), OCT:17


dismantling an antique fireplace, APR:152

frame-and-panel fireplace surround*, OCT:97

Flooring: See also Floor finishes; Wood flooring.

engineered, voids in (Q), JUL:37

options for kitchens and baths (P), JUN:119

tile "rug" flush with wood flooring, NOV:35


annual innovative-product picks*, JUL:89

basement floors and backfill pressure (L), MAR:19

block foundations, installing with no subs*, MAY:79

block, installation techniques*, NOV:71

dampproofing vs. waterproofing (L), AUG:13

sheet pilings, vinyl, on island sites, SEP:45

shelf supports porch columns, FEB:41

wet-basement cure and radon check (L), MAR:19

Framing: See also Framing, deck; Framing, roof.

addition, and roofing in four days*, OCT:75

and planning for better drywall job*, APR:83

annual innovative-product picks*, JUL:89

bearing walls, offsetting (Q), DEC:27

elliptical staircase, OCT:49

fasteners for ACQ plates and mudsills (Q), JAN: 35

girder truss remodeling solution, MAR:39

hipped tray ceilings*, MAY:67

OSB vs. plywood (L), FEB:15

pergola ledger detail, JUL:47

rake walls with full-scale layout*, SEP:87

replacing bearing wall with flush beam*, APR:73

spiral staircase for lighthouse*, NOV:83

steel I-beam, half-ton, installing as header*, JUL:109

steel studs for barrel ceiling, JUL:47

Framing, deck:

deck ledgers to engineered rim joists (Q), FEB:31

borate-treated lumber for mudsills (Q), SEP:37

techniques for speed and accuracy*, DEC:49

Framing, roof:

I-beams as rafter pair, AUG:47

Katrina reports, FEB:19

lumber-hanging trick, JUN:43

Garages and barns:

benefits and design of freestanding garage, MAR:57

moving a round barn, SEP:184

Green building: See also Environment.

alternatives to traditional materials (Q), DEC:27

convention, first West Coast Green, NOV:21

Handyman business, pricing work for, OCT:65; (L), DEC:13


decorative (P), APR:113

product picks from hardware show (P)*, AUG:81

rising butt hinges (L), (P), MAR:19

Housing market:

luxury-home survey results, OCT:23

regulations affect high prices, JUL:23

Hurricanes. See Storms and storm damage.

HVAC, DOE air-conditioning standard, JAN:25


termite control with false sandalwood, MAY:23

wood wasps, information on (Q), JUL:37


annual innovative-product picks*, JUL:89

bubble wrap, R-value of (Q), JUL:37

insulating block wall building (Q), OCT:40

marking trick for measuring blown-in cellulose, NOV:35

poly over kraft-faced (Q), JUL:37

spray polyurethane foam as roofing material*, OCT:87

Insurance: See also Business.

additional insureds on liability policy, JUN:67

mine-subsidence, need for, JUL:23

windstorm, hard to find, SEP:21

workers' comp reform in Calif. called harmful, JAN:25


annual innovative-product picks*, JUL:89

paneling, refurbishing (Q), NOV:31

Internet, via WiFi network (L), MAR:19

Jig, for roof pitch, JUN:43

Kitchens: See also Cabinets.

annual innovative-product picks*, JUL:89

cooktop options (P), FEB:107

countertop options (P), DEC:81

countertops (P), SEP:143

faucet options (P), DEC:81

faucets (P), SEP:143

laminates, high-pressure options (P), AUG:125

outdoor (P), JUL:125

sink options (P), NOV:107

solid surfacing options (P), MAR:133

ventilation (P), MAR:133

water filtration, reverse-osmosis systems, MAY:131

Kneepads, overview and comparison*, FEB:87


railing, securing to stone (Q), MAR:41

stone retaining walls*, MAR:91

Laser levels. See Tools & Equipment.


Clean Water Act wetlands, ruling on, SEP:21

expired license and suing for payment, SEP:79

insurance coverage of Katrina damage, ruling on, OCT:23

Lead paint:

and salvaged millwork, JUN:23

bill passes in Calif., DEC:19

EPA mandates certification, MAR:29

Legal: See also Business; Insurance; Lawsuits.

additional insureds on liability policy, JUN:67

assets, protecting by incorporating, OCT:59

bankruptcy of customers or suppliers, MAR:71

bidding error by sub, liability for, NOV:53

bills on lead and low-flow in Calif., DEC:19

building codes and alternative materials, JUL:73

contractor registration law in R.I., OCT:23

contracts and workmanship standards, MAY:51

contracts, idiot-proofing, APR:55

escalation clause to offset rising costs, DEC:43

expired license and suing for payment, SEP:79; (L), NOV:17

forklift and work baskets for raising workers (Q), JUN:35

guaranty for credit, AUG:61

impact fee limits in Wis., OCT:23

mediation, using to settle disputes, FEB:61

mine collapse and sinking house, JUL:23

mold precautions (L), MAR:19

negotiated contracts in lieu of bids, DEC:37

NOR legislation passed in Wis., MAY:23

paying for missing beam (L), FEB:15; (L), APR:19

sub vs. employee rules in Mass., APR:23

Liability. See Lawsuits, Legal.


energy-efficient design guides, APR:23

options for kitchens and baths (P), JUN:119


ancient, JAN:136

blue fungi stain on southern pine, MAR:29

borate treated and exposure to wetness (L), APR:19

Canada and U.S. new trade agreement, JUN:23

framing, strength after flood waters (L), MAR:19

Manufactured housing, producing custom panelized houses*, MAY:115

Marketing: See also Business.

using big brand names for, JAN:25


contract clause to offset rising costs, DEC:43

costs rise, OCT:23

green alternatives to traditional (Q), DEC:27

organizing and transporting for Alaskan bush project, MAR:184

prices rise for PVC, asphalt, and insulation, JAN:25

Moisture: See also Mold.

HUD guide to managing, SEP:21

rot prevention for wood fences*, SEP:109

Mold, precautions and legal issues (L), MAR:19


23-gauge pin, comparison*, JUL:99

cap, pneumatic, review*, AUG:115

coil roofing, comparison*, JUN:85

framing, round-head, review, AUG:137

nail gun, origins of, JUN:160

specialty, SEP:153

Paints and finishes:

back-priming decks and porch floors (L), MAY:19

finish paint as primer (Q), MAR:41

painting over stained wood siding (Q), OCT:40

porch floors, sealers for (Q), JAN:35

waterborne lacquer, spraying with pressure pot (L), FEB:15

water-stain fix for pine ceiling (Q), MAR:41

Plaster, techniques for repairing*, JUN:110


copper pipe, bending (Q), MAY:35

closet flanges, repairing*, SEP:119

tip to prevent backups, SEP:15

Porches, choosing columns, posts, or piers for, SEP:53

Radiant heating, for tile floors (P), JAN:93

Radon, check during excavation (L), MAR:19


concrete, recycled, uses for (Q), MAY:35

ordinances for construction debris, MAY:23


addition, pop-top, in four days*, OCT:75

barrier-free for aging clients*, APR:103

cantilevered bay window on raised ranch*, JUN:75

cripple walls for seismic*, APR:93

girder truss solution, MAR:39

half-ton steel I-beam, installing as header*, JUL:109

jobs, closing sales for, JUN:52

opening up floor plan via engineered shear panels*, MAR:81

paneling, refurbishing (Q), NOV:31

post-World War II houses, guide to, JUL:23

replacing bearing wall with flush beam*, APR:73

shutter repair (Q), JUN:35

steel framing and wall-hung sink (Q), JUN:35

storm restoration niche, JUL:23

temporary stairs for, APR:39


coil roofing-nailer comparison*, JUN:85

nail pops and thin sheathing (L), FEB:15

peel-and-stick membranes, installing (Q), JAN:35

spray polyurethane foam as roofing material*, OCT:87

tile roofing attachment in post-Katrina TRI manual, FEB:19

underlayment and drip-edge flashing placement (L), JUN:19; (L), AUG:13

underlayments, synthetic, specs and comparison*, MAY:103

Roofs. See Framing, roof.

Safety, job-site:

circ saw recall, FEB:19

fatality from capsized truck, NOV:21

forklift and work baskets for raising workers (Q), JUN:35

immigration officials as OSHA in illegals sting, JUN:23

lessons learned, nine stories*, AUG:103; (L), OCT:17

lifting unsafe in photo (L), MAR:19

Spanish-English safety video, MAY:23

Salvage. See Recycling.


circ saw recall, FEB:19

jigsaw, FEB:117

miter saw review, FEB:117

recip saw review, MAR:155

recip saw review, DEC:89

table saw, portable, review, JUN:131

Security, job-site:

alarm system to prevent theft*, JUL:119

job-site theft info wanted (L), JUL:19


reinforcing old framing (Q), AUG:37

retrofit for cripple walls*, APR:93


enclosures for (P), MAY:131

glass-block window inside shower enclosure*, SEP:99

high-performance (P), NOV:107

product options (P), AUG:125


brick veneer, supporting with steel angles*, DEC:77

cedar, and woodpeckers (Q), SEP:37; (L), NOV:17

cedar, diamond-shaped weathertight design*, JUN:95

fiber-cement, caulking butt joints (Q), OCT:39

rain-screen, details for*, MAR:99

shingle, and design decisions, JUL:55

vinyl, and sheathing paper requirement (L), MAY:19

vinyl, for sunburst detail (L), JUL:19

SIPs. See Structural.

Site work, stone retaining walls*, MAR:91

Slate, covering a deck with*, NOV:59


California incentives programs, APR:23

college design/build competition (L), MAR:19

passive-solar case study in New England*, MAR:123

passive-solar flooring (Q), APR:35

water heating, PEX concerns and tank sizing (L), JAN:19

Sound control:

acoustic duct wrap vs. thermal (L), JUN:19

innovations in materials and techniques*, MAR:109; (L), AUG:13

Spanish-speaking employees. See Employees.


elliptical, framing, OCT:49

exterior, with housed-stringer method (L), MAR:19

hinged, for dead-space playroom, MAY:184

over-the-post handrail bolt source (L), JUN:19

over-the-post handrails, layout and installation*, APR:63; MAY:91

quick layout for rails and balusters*, FEB:70; (L) MAY:19

spiral, framing for lighthouse*, NOV:83

stair-code guide, SEP:21

temporary, on remodeling job, APR:39

Steel framing:

cantilevered bay window on raised ranch and*, JUN:75

for barrel ceiling, JUL:47

half-ton I-beam, installing as header*, JUL:109

I-beams as rafter pair, AUG:47

wall-hung sink and (Q), JUN:35


countertop, supporting a floating, JAN:93

hot tubs, five-ton, JUL:160

technique for breaking, AUG:47

tile "rug" flush with wood flooring, NOV:35


compact job-site trailers for, JUL:47

for garage (P), SEP:143

Storms and storm damage:

blue fungi stain on southern pine, MAR:29

FEMA recommends new flood elevation for New Orleans, JUN:23

insurance hard to obtain, SEP:21

insurance lawsuit ruling on Katrina damage, OCT:23

Katrina relief, volunteer's story, MAR:29

Katrina reports on damage to wood-framed buildings, FEB:19

New Orleans one year after Katrina, news report, AUG:23; (L), OCT:17

New Orleans photos, provocative neighborhood signs, AUG:152

restoration as niche business, JUL:23

roof-tile attachment and Katrina damage assessed in TRI manual, FEB:19

strength of framing lumber after flooding (L), MAR:19


brick veneer, supporting with steel angles*, DEC:77

half-ton steel I-beam, installing as header*, JUL:109

I-beams as rafter pair, AUG:47

mudsill anchor guide (P), OCT:23

opening up floor plan via engineered shear panels*, MAR:81

shim materials for pier/beam connections (Q), NOV:31

steel moment frame for garage walls (Q), MAY:35

straw-bale house with barrel-vault roof, DEC:104

structural insulated panels, overview of*, AUG:91; (L), OCT:17

supporting jacked house with ice, AUG:47

Stucco, trim, rehabbing with rainproofing details (L), JAN:19

Tile. See Ceramic tile.


and bidets (P), JUL:125

flush study results, SEP:21

low-flow bill vetoed in Calif., DEC:19

Tools and equipment: See also Jigs; Nailers; Saws.

annual innovative-product picks*, JUL:89

chalk-line, laser, review, MAY:163

clamps for finish carpentry, FEB:117

concrete and masonry cutting (P), NOV:123

cord and hose storage accessory (P), MAR:155

cordless driver review, DEC:89

cordless impact driver review, MAY:163

cordless V28 lithium-ion tool review*, JAN:105

drywall lift review, SEP:153

extension cords (P), FEB:117

fiber-cement accessories (P), DEC:89

floor installation (P), NOV:123

forklift and work baskets for raising workers (Q), JUN:35

gutters and sheet metal, JUN:131

hammers (P), JAN:105

hardware nailers, APR:133

impact driver review, MAR:155; (L), SEP:15

job-site cleanup (P), JUN:131

job-site security (P), OCT:141

kneepads, overview and comparison*, FEB:87

levels (P), JUL:137

lifting equipment (P), SEP:153

line laser level review, SEP:153

lithium-ion batteries powering cordless tools, JAN:25

masonry tools, APR:133

military backhoe, NOV:160

painting (P), MAR:155

pipe shredder, review, OCT:141

planes and rasps (P), MAR:155

plumbing (P), OCT:141

pocket driver, cordless, review, OCT:141

product picks from hardware show (P)*, AUG:81

pump jacks, aluminum (P), DEC:89

roofing (P), AUG:137

routers and accessories (P), MAY:163

skid-steer loader, considerations for purchasing*, DEC:61

stepladders and accessories (P), JAN:105

storage options (P), APR:133

table saw, review, NOV:123

table-saw stand, gravity-rise, review, JUL:137

tile tools (P), JUL:137

trim router comparison*, JAN:87

trim station, portable, review, NOV:123

trim table (P), DEC:89

truck racks and boxes (P), AUG:137

truck turnaround with crane, JUN:43

utility knife (P), DEC:89

vacuum, compact, review, JUL:137

work lights (P), MAY:163

Trim, exterior, stucco rainproofing details (L), JAN:19

Vapor barrier, double, and future problems (Q), JUL:37

Vinyl. See Siding.

Water heaters:

expansion-tank noise problem (Q), SEP:37

hot-water recirculation loop (L), JAN:19

on-demand (tankless) water heaters, installation and comparison*, FEB:97

protecting with expansion tanks (Q), MAR:41; (L), JUN:19

solar, and PEX concerns (L), JAN:19

solar, and storage-tank sizing (L), JAN:19

temperature setting and Legionnaires' disease (Q), JUN:35; (L), SEP:15

Waterproofing, versus dampproofing (L), AUG:13

Water quality, reverse-osmosis filtration systems, MAY:131

Wind. See Storms and storm damage.


bay, cantilevered in raised ranch*, JUN:75

casement, storms and screens for (Q), AUG:37

glass block, inside shower enclosure*, SEP:99

low-E, with low SHGC values (Q), FEB:31

options (P), SEP:143

trimming via preassembly*, AUG:69; (L), OCT:17

Wood flooring:

NAHB guidelines questioned, MAY:23; (L), SEP:15

refinishing without sanding*, JUN:101

Wood statues, chain saw carved, OCT:168

Workers' compensation. See Insurance.

* — In-depth coverage

L — Letter to the editor

Q — Question and answer

P — Product information