New Connector Unsafe? To the Editor: Regarding Tom Bair's letter to the editor, "Aluminum-to-Copper Wire Connectors" (5/95): There is another UL-approved connection that is less costly and requires no special tools. Ideal Brand Model 65 twist-type connector comes with anti-corrosive paste in the connector in wire sizes 10 to 18. Jerry Hanlon Anderson, Calif. Dan Friedman responds: The Ideal product is not recommended by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), whose experts have raised serious concerns about this item. Following a June 1, 1995, meeting between CPSC, the manufacturer, and Underwriters Laboratories, a call was issued for additional tests before this product should be used in the field. While the manufacturer reports that these connectors were approved by UL, the tests were conducted
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