Product Note

In beach communities, the outdoor kitchen is a much prized amenity. Making outdoor cooking, eating, and cleanup as convenient as they are indoors can be a challenge. This month, Kalamazoo Gourmet is rolling out another high-powered weapon for the high-end barbecue arsenal: an outdoor dishwasher to accompany Kalamazoo’s other specialty appliances (grills, fridges, and even a pizza oven or a wok-ready cooktop). With stainless steel finish and an adjustable wash system to accommodate large pots and pans, Kalamazoo says the new unit is specially designed for the rigors of outdoor cookery and outdoor exposures. For more information, check the company’s website: kalamazoogourmet com .

Kalamazoo Gourmet’s outdoor dishwasher lets you wash your lobster pots without having to take them indoors.